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The apps market offers anything from opening your garage door with your iPhone or Android smartphone to making a grocery list.  It shouldn’t be any surprise that the online poker industry would start creating apps that let players access online poker rooms whenever they want, right from their mobile phones.  What was a surprise to many was the large quantity of online poker apps that hit the market so quickly.  Virtually every online casino now has an app that allows players to connect to online casinos and online poker rooms with a swipe of a touchscreen.


Poker is a game with a rich tradition and that tradition continues into modern day.  It has been a game taught from father to son, grandmother to granddaughter and now poker tournaments are now worldwide and televised events that families can watch with as much excitement as a game of baseball or football.  The game of poker is rich in life lessons, luck, skill and most importantly, how to read human behavior.  Even prestigious colleges across the country now teach about the importance of poker in understanding how people bluff, react to pressure and so on.

Online Poker

The online poker environment that we are all very familiar with, is quickly changing.  Several of the online poker and online casinos are now offering live play.

Live poker play over the internet involves being able to see your opponent through the live feed of a webcam.  This is adding back an element that has been missing from online poker; being able to read the person’s face.  Ultimately, the internet and online poker has been an anonymous sport that gives everyone the advantage of being able to bluff without given away a facial tick, hand motion or any other kind of visual tell.  This may all change if online casinos and online poker establishments decide to implement webcam technology into their games.

Poker news and resources

If you are one of the millions of new fans to poker or if you have been playing all of your life and are looking to turn professional, then finding a good source for poker news should be in your agenda.  Poker news allows players to keep up with new events, competition and strategies in the skill based game of poker.  Finding poker news does not have to be difficult but it should require some planning.  Make sure that it is a credible gambling source for news that covers the major events in the poker world such as the World Series of Poker.  Also, make certain that the poker news site covers not just poker, but also other interest in the online casino and gambling industry.

Once you have found a poker news site that fits into your style and specific needs, you may find yourself becoming strictly loyal to that site.  A poker news site is also a great way to make contacts in the world of poker by communicating on forums and commenting on poker news articles.

In the UK you can also find some great casino news site, which covers most aspects of gambling. Online poker is also legal in UK so you can find a lot of good info, and also find the latest casino news.

If you looking for info about Las Vegas where most of the poker tournaments are held, this Las Vegas site CasinosLasVegas.net has some helpful info.

I know many couples where the man plays online poker, and the woman plays a slot machine at the same time, that way you don’t get bored while waiting for your partner to finish a poker game.


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